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*Rules Are Rules* by Julie Scandora
Rules Are Rules
by Julie Scandora
Ages 4-8 32 pages Scandora May 2008 Hardcover    

When conforming to what a child perceives is expected of them becomes uncomfortable, where are children to turn to - especially when they have not yet developed the techniques and communication skills to deal with sensitive issues? They turn to Rules Are Rules, a fantastic book about one young girl's discomfort with the physical attentions from a loving relative.

Maya, the main character, finds comfort in a trusted adult friend and goes home with some creative ideas on how to handle the situation. Her parents are a little resistant to the idea at first, but they soon realize that the most important thing to them is Maya’s comfort. They compromise and handle the situation in such a way as to not injure the feelings of their beloved relative.

This is a sensitive subject, yet author Julie Scandora manages the task with skill. She interweaves the comforting aspects of nature along with encouraging the wise decision to follow one’s intuition in this story. She also touches on the benefits of sharing one’s problems with a trusted adult and validation of the individual’s needs. With Julie’s delicate, honest storyline and her beautiful watercolor illustrations, this 32-page book will certainly lighten the hearts of children everywhere.

The durable hardcover is bound in a stamped Smyth-sewn case with a debossed inlay on the front and back. I’m a big fan of the color purple, and this book is filled with subtle purple tones and the cover itself is a soft tone of this color. Along with 14 double-page and three single-page illustrations, Rules Are Rules is just beautiful in every way.

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