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*The Searcher and Old Tree* by David McPhail
Also written and/or illustrated by David McPhail:

Tell Me the Day Backwards
The Searcher and Old Tree
by David McPhail
Ages 3-5 32 pages Charlesbridge February 2011 Paperback    

The Searcher is a sleepy raccoon who has had a busy night foraging for food. When his stomach is full, he heads home and falls asleep in the branches of Old Tree. While heís sleeping, a storm hits. It causes the ground to shake, waves to crash and Old Tree to bend, but the raccoon sleeps through it all. Heís secure in Old Tree and sleeps soundly, knowing the Old Tree will keep him safe. As the storm dissipates, raccoon does wake up, but itís not because of any noise he hears outside: itís because his stomach is growling.

The illustrations rendered in pen, ink, and watercolor show raccoon getting settled in for the night. Seeing raccoon climb into the branches of the smiling Old Tree makes bedtime appear welcoming. It seems as if the tree is embracing an old friend. The nook the raccoon sleeps in looks cozy - even when he sleeps on his back with his two feet in the air. The color of the sky and water darken and lighten with grays as the storm moves through the area. Despite the exaggerated size of the lightning and waves, the story still has a subduing effect; perfect for bedtime.

David McPhail has written over 150 books for children. He lives in New Hampshire.

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