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*Something for School* by Hyun Young Lee
Something for School
by Hyun Young Lee
Ages 4-8 32 pages Kane/Miller September 2008 Hardcover    

On Yoon’s first day in kindergarten, her teacher asks the boys and girls to line up on different sides. When Yoon attempts to join the line for girls, her very short hair and pants confuse the other kids who try to direct her to the line for boys. Yoon shouts, “I am not a boy!” and cries for a long, long time, all through the taking of the class picture.

That night, Yoon wonders whether she really does look like a boy. She searches through her mother’s clothes for something that will make her look more like a girl. She eventually finds that Sister’s special headband will do the trick. The next day, she wears the headband and has a wonderful day at school. No one mistakes her for a boy, and no one thinks she should go to the other side. But Sister eventually reclaims her headband. Whatever will Yoon do now?

This book by author-illustrator Hyun Young Lee is a little gem. It’s fun to pore over each page, absorbing all the beautiful texture and appealing detail in the paintings. The chubby, rosy-cheeked children are amusing, and Yoon herself is a delight. Something for School is a perfect book for any child who is nervous about starting school.

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