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*The Spoon in the Bathroom Wall* by Tony Johnston - tweens/young readers book review


The Spoon in the Bathroom Wall
by Tony Johnston
Ages 9-12 144 pages Harcourt August 2006 Paperback    

Life is grim for Martha Snapdragon, but she tries to make the best of living in the boiler room of Horace E. Boggins school. Her father is the janitor, there is never enough to eat, and she has to deal with Rufus Turk (rhymes with jerk), the school bully. Not to mention the school principal, Dr. Klunk, a small minded tyrant who governs the school with a lead hand and snide remarks.

Based loosely on the legend of the sword in the stone, Johnston gives the old tale half a new spin, making the hero a girl, the sword a spoon, and Merlin the teacher Martha holds in highest esteem. The first chapter or two is a bit slow; then the pace picks up, and the story becomes highly entertaining. There’s still magic to be had if Martha remembers to hold fast to her dreams and never forget she is a Snapdragon. Rufus, like a great many bullies, comes from a hard past and present; still, our hero finds a way past his rusty armor and leads him into nobility.

All in all, a fun read for kids in the second and third grades.

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