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*Storm Rising (Faithgirlz!/Blog On!)* by Dandi Daley Mackall- young readers book review
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Storm Rising (Faithgirlz!/Blog On!)
by Dandi Daley Mackall
Ages 9-12 128 pages Zonderkidz August 2006 Paperback    

Storm’s family has moved all over the country, so the year that she is a freshman in high school, she is not surprised to find that they will be moving again. Storm has never had many friends; to fill that void, she spends a lot of time on the Internet reading blogs, and at the library reading books that other students would only read if required for an assignment. When Storm moves to Big Lake, she immediately recognizes this high school as the one described in the blog she has been reading online. Even the students who are described but not named are identifiable. Storm sets out to identify the anonymous author of the blog.

Storm’s parents don’t make a lot of money. Her father has a lawn care business, and her mother takes in sewing at home. Storm wears outlandish outfits that she buys at the local Goodwill store. She is often speaking out in a classroom, adding little known trivia to the conversation, and is tolerated by most of her teachers. Because she reads so much, she has tested out of freshman classes and attends history and English classes with the sophomores. Storm is always performing for her peers and her students, but when she is alone or with her parents, she is a different person. Storm is often sad when she is alone, and only her new friend Grace recognizes this sadness. When Grace asks Storm to be part of her Blog team, Storm accepts the invitation but is wary of spending too much time with someone who sees through her façade.

The short novel presents a realistic picture of high school life and the students and teachers who are a part of every campus. What is different about this story is that Storm learns to be herself among her fellow students and finds her way to become a part of the life around her. Positive parental relationships abound in this series called “FaithGirlz! Blog On!” Other titles in this series introduce the reader to Storm’s friends: Grace, the quiet one; Jasmine, the artist; and Annie, the pretty one.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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