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*Superfoods: For Babies & Children* by Annabel Karmel


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Superfoods: For Babies & Children
by Annabel Karmel
192 pages Atria June 2006 Hardcover    

After several months of only consuming milk, children as well as their parents can be eager to explore the next stages of food. While children want their meals to be delicious and appealing, parents want to provide healthy nutrition. Annabel Karmel, author of Super Foods For Babies and Children, teaches you how to do it all. Super Foods is not just a collection of recipes; it’s a tool that caretakers are likely to refer to for nutritional information, recipes, meal planners, and more.

Frozen vegetables and fruits are packed with nutrients? Which canned foods retain vitamins? Karmel answers all of these questions in just the first chapter. This chapter also includes details on foods that promote growth, brainpower, energy boosts and more. Readers will also find pink boxes throughout the chapter that are full of at-a-glance facts and tips.

The core of the book consists of recipes and age appropriate information for children from 6 months to 3 years plus. There are a large variety of colorful recipes within each stage, including a blueberry and pear puree for a 6-month-old to fun finger foods with dips for children 9-12 months old. A very helpful and convenient meal planner is also available for each stage in order to make the transition easier for the chef and child. Recipe pages have a side panel that highlight ingredients and their benefits. Another appealing aspect of this book is the information provided on food allergies and how food can be used to help common ailments.

One criticism of this book is the ambitious arrangements that are offered. It’s hard to believe that a busy parent or caretaker has the time and patience to arrange mushrooms, triangles of black olives, egg noodles, peppers and carrots to create faces for the spinach and ricotta cannelloni. Another elaborate example is the recipe that transforms a plain English muffin pizza into “rabbit muffins” by adding carrots for whiskers, a black olive for a nose, frozen peas for eyes, and corn kernels for teeth. Do you have the time to strategically place 1 olive or 2 corn kernels? Then again, if you are feeding a picky eater you might try just about anything!

Super Foods is a colorful and well-organized tool that will ease the hardships of finding healthy and delicious recipes for even the pickiest eater. The reader is provided with a comprehensive guide to understanding nutrition and how to provide healthy foods for children of all ages.

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