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*Warriors: The Ultimate Guide* by Erin Hunter - middle grades book review
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Warriors: Omen of the Stars Box Set (Volumes 1 to 3)
Warriors: The Ultimate Guide
by Erin Hunter
Grades 3-7 256 pages HarperCollins November 2013 Hardcover    

Followers of the far-reaching feline saga will find pages and pages of trivia, information and beautiful illustrations in this reference book about the whole Warrior series. Though each Warriors book usually offers information featuring a map of the clan’s territory and the areas described in the book as well as a who’s-who list of the characters for that particular story, it can’t top this hardcover, Warriors: The Ultimate Guide, with its heavyweight, glossy pages, vivid colors, extensive information on seventy-five of the most important characters in the series and bonus stories.

For those not familiar with Warriors, this guide is the perfect starting place to embark on this compendious saga because the introduction itself offers a concise explanation of the five clans, their connection with the ancestors who lived in the area before them. Each section of the book then introduces a clan as a whole, revealing their habitat, territory, and the code they follow. Each member is then profiled in detail, offering not only its history but also its role and personality. The personality of each member is also brilliantly portrayed in the evocative color illustration that accompanies each profile.

For those who are familiar with the Warriors series, this guide serves sort of as a prequel to the book, offering the backstory to many of the characters and providing a larger perspective to understand and visualize the story. For example, the map that is cleverly folded up and doubles as a dust jacket, shows the sequence of books, (with synopsis) of the warrior series, including some for the books that appear in graphic novel form. This allows you to track where you are in the series and make sure you have not missed any adventures. Also, reading the whole profile of each cat, rather than extracting the information for all the cats in the course of each book, might offer a clearer impression of each cat; though this two-hundred-page book probably will take and deserves quite a few reading sessions to fully soak up all the information and fully appreciate the intricate and captivating artwork.

Warriors: The Ultimate Guide is a beautiful and extensive reference book for fans of the sweeping saga. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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