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*The Wickit Chronicles, Book 1: Ely Plot* by Joan Lennon- young readers book review
The Wickit Chronicles, Book 1: Ely Plot
by Joan Lennon
Ages 9-12 160 pages Kane/Miller September 2008 Paperback    

Ely Plot, Book One in Joan Lennon’s “The Wickit Chronicles,” introduces us to young Pip. Orphaned shortly after his birth, Pip has grown up among the Brothers at Wickit Monastery, an ancient building situated on an island and surrounded by the treacherous fen and its dangerous creatures. Typical of medieval times, children like Pip aren’t particularly treasured and while some of the Brothers are quite fond of the boy, his life is still one of hard work and little reward. There isn’t much in the way of fun for a young boy like Pip, no playmates his own age, but that is about to change.

While helping to clean the church’s tower, Pip stumbles across a magnificent creature – a stone gargoyle that not only breathes, flies and swims, but also talks. Her name is Perfect, bestowed upon her by the artist who carved her:
“I remember the day he finished. He smiled at me and stroked my head and gave me my name. ‘You’re perfect,’ he said, ‘my perfect parting gift.’ And then… I never saw him again.”
Pip and Perfect have both been alone for so long that their instant friendship is inevitable. Of course, no one else can know that the little gargoyle exists; in that time and place, a stone carving that comes to life would be destroyed by the superstitious people who believe in demons, and Pip would surely be suspected of sorcery and put to death.

More excitement comes along for Pip and Perfect when Pip is chosen to travel to the city of Ely for a special event. Not only will he get to sing in the Ely cathedral, but young King Arnald will be there at the same time. It promises to be the best time of Pip’s life – until Perfect overhears a plot to murder King Arnald.

How can a boy with no power or social standing save the life of a king? And how can Pip protect himself and Perfect from evil conspirators who will stop at nothing to get what they want?

Ely Plot is an atmospheric tale told with the simplicity and poetic rhythm of medieval ritual. Readers with an interest in medieval tales of dragons and heroes as well as those who enjoy a captivating plot and engaging characters will find this debut in “The Wickit Chronicles” to be addictive fun.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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