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*Wild Horses (Horses of Half Moon Ranch)* by Jenny Oldfield- young readers book review
Wild Horses (Horses of Half Moon Ranch)
by Jenny Oldfield
Ages 8-12 160 pages Sourcebooks Jabberwocky September 2008 Paperback    

How hard would it be to train a wild horse to be ridden daily on a ranch? Kirstie Scott's family owns the Half Moon Ranch, and Kirstie has lived around horses for many years. Her life revolves around horses - she even knows how to care for them by giving them the necessary medical attention before professional help arrives. Little does she know how her day will take a drastic turn when she goes out riding her dependable horse, Lucky.

The weather turns unpredictable, and a sudden avalanche of rocks trap a herd of wild horses inside a canyon. The leader of the wild horses, a beautiful black stallion, has injured his knee. Kirstie does what she can to aid the horse in its healing, but how can she and the horses escape the danger?

Horse lovers ages 8-12 will love the Horses of Half Moon Ranch series with its portrait of an undying love between a girl and her horse as well as adventure, danger and intrigue. Kirstie has to save the horse from more than just his immediate injuries, but his very life is in danger. Wild Horses is a wonderful story with a heartwarming ending. I'm sure that Jenny Oldfield will gain many readers and fans who can't wait for the next book in the series.

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