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*The Wishcatchers (Kelpies)* by Carol Christie - middle grades book review
The Wishcatchers (Kelpies)
by Carol Christie
Ages 9-12 137 pages Floris Books May 2011 Paperback    

Ant comes straight from school to make her wish and take it out to the Wishcatchers. As she sits by the boat, taking the time to be sure that her wish is worded just right, she notices someone on the point, looking down toward the boat.

The girl appears to be about her age but is not anyone that she knows. Could this be the new girl that Mrs. Cook told the class about today?

Ant lives in a small seaside village where wishes come true. Legend has it that whenever someone is truly sincere about a wish that they make and they bring it to the Wishcatchers in the special fishing creels, the wish will be granted.

Ant has been bullied by Rosie Brash ever since the two have been in school together. Rosie makes Ant look silly in front of all of her classmates, and it seems that the introduction of a new student to the class just might be the answer. Ant has decided to ask the Wishcatchers to grant her wish and have Rosie find someone else to bully—perhaps the new girl, Clarissa.

The problem is, Clarissa and Ant are becoming friends. Now Ant wants to take back her wish, but it is too late. She and Clarissa set out to prove that there really are Wishcatchers who come in a boat to return the fishing creels after wishes have been granted, then Clarissa will believe and will make her own wish.

Ant even decides to share her secret with Clarissa about the elephant cave and the shell necklace that she found there. The two girls will team up to find a way to deal with Rosie, and in the process, they will come to understand that things are not always the way they seem.

This is a great story of friendship, family and tolerance, with a little bit of bullying behavior thrown in. Upper elementary and lower middle school students will identify with the characters and the emotions of the girls.
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