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*Wishing Day* by Lauren Myracle- young readers book review
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Wishing Day
by Lauren Myracle
Ages 8-12 352 pages Katherine Tegen Books March 2017 Paperback    

Thirteen-year-old Natasha is growing up surrounded by people who love her. She has her father, her mother’s two sisters, and Natasha's two younger sisters. What she doesn’t have is a mother.

Natasha’s mother left the house eight years ago and has never returned. Since that time, her father spends most of his time in his workshop and leaves the raising of his girls to his wife’s sisters. Natasha lives in Willow Hill, a town filled with tradition and magic, and Natasha wants desperately to believe in the magic.

On the third night of the third month after their thirteenth birthday, every girl in town gets to make three wishes. They must follow the pattern of wishes to make them come true. They must be made at the willow tree on the hill at a certain time, and they must fit the formula. One wish must be something the girl can make come true on her on. One wish must be a wish that is impossible, and one wish must be from the deepest caverns of her heart.

Natasha knows that this is just tradition but still she hopes that the magic will bring her the fulfillment of her wishes. She doesn’t remember much about her mother, and her younger sisters remember even less. Natasha’s aunts don’t talk about her much either, but every now and then, Natasha will hear them talking when they don’t know she is around. When they talk about their sister, they talk about invisible friends and magic and strange happenings. The day Natasha finds the first note and meets the Bird Lady, her magical journey begins.

Author Myracle has followed this first book with a second book that continues the story and plans to make it a trilogy. Readers will be delighted to know that, as they come to know Natasha, they will be able to continue their adventure into volume two, titled The Forgetting Spell.

This is a well-written story with believable characters that draw us into their spell.

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