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*Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly* by Gail Carson Levine- young readers fantasy book review
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Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly
by Gail Carson Levine
Grades 5+ 176 pages Collins September 2006 Paperback    

Sharpen your pencil; itís about to become charged with creativity. Award-winning author Gail Carson Levine pulls up a chair alongside readers and shows how an ordinary writing implement can be turned into a magic wand, releasing stories that soar into the imagination.

Divided into five sections, this book systematically leads young writers through the stages of creating a good story. The authorís enthusiasm is evident on every page, as she inspires and encourages through practical advice and personal examples. Her conversational tone adds a special touch, allowing her audience to share in the delightful discoveries of the writing process, marveling at the transition from concept to completed work.

Many unique writing exercises are included, coaxing creativity to life with some truly imaginative ideas. These prompts are fun, giving young storytellers the needed thrust to send them zooming into the atmosphere of fictitious people, places and situations. Character development, dialogue and even writerís block are discussed with applicable instruction and assistance. Some of the authorís work is referenced, providing a glimpse of a real-life novel that was created with the principles presented here. Fledgling writers will find plenty of support and motivation within these pages. Entering the inner sanctum of the authorís writing room is both a treat and a treasure. Her words of wisdom, coupled with humor and honesty, take some of the mystery out of the creative process while adding a generous amount of enjoyment.

Writing Magic isnít about tricks; itís all about a technique that really works. Just ask Gail Carson Levine.

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