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Lorena Siminovich’s (illustrator of the In My… series of finger-puppet books) latest board books look like two books in one. The smaller rounded pages, which contain illustrations of baby animals, fit perfectly under the bigger pages, which feature the parent animals. The overall shape of the book follows along the lines of the top of the animals’ body. When these are on display at the public library, they are picked up right away because they are so unique in appearance.

You Are My Baby: Ocean pairs features octopi, seahorses, fish, turtles and whales. Although the parent animal is not labelled or named, the young are. “You jump through the rolling waves. You are my baby, little calf. Splash!” Onomatopoeiac words can be found on each page.

You Are My Baby: Garden introduces children to the animals that make their homes among the trees and flowers. “You sing a happy song in our leafy tree. You are my baby, little hatchling. La-la-chirp!” Gliding snails, buzzing bees and climbing spiders follow.

The text does not rhyme, but there is repetition of the phrase “You are my…” and a way for children to help the story along, either by reciting the phrase or by turning the little pages. If the book is opened randomly, the pages might not match. But children can be asked to match the youngster to the parent. Other books in this series include You are My Baby: Safari and You are My Baby: Farm.


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