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*Zed: Backstage Pass* by Duane M. Abel
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Zed: Backstage Pass

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Zed: Backstage Pass
by Duane M. Abel
All ages 24 pages Corkey Comics 2005 Paperback    

Zed came with the new dryer. Now Mom, Dad, and brothers Brian and Clyde are trying their best to acquaint Zed with their world. Brian introduces Zed to the neighbors, Clyde takes him to the park, and Mom makes him feel at home on the living room chair.

But itís when heís on his own that Zed discovers English muffins, khaki pants and farm auctions. He loves the texture of the English muffins and the resistant qualities of the khaki pants, but his enjoyment at the farm auction comes to an abrupt end when heís mistaken for a pig! Poor Zed has a lot to learn yet. He needs to be taught that turkeys cannot replace rubber ducks in the bathtub, and that nooks and crannies are not the same as books and grannies. He also needs to learn how to protect himself from dust bunnies and how to stay sitting on a slippery chair!

To make himself more comfortable in his new life, Zed moves his sleeping quarters from the family dryer to the outdoor mailbox. He asks questions of all the family members and helps out with the chores when he can. Readers learn along with Zed as he finds out about the bucket Clyde wears on his head, how Mascot came to be in the strips, and where mom works. There are some things Zed will need to be told, though, such as that microwaves are not lint-friendly and runaway Slinkies cannot hurt you. Despite these few misunderstandings, Zed seems to be fitting in nicely with the family and the community

Duane M. Abelís comic strips have been collected into five comic books including his newest, Zed: Loads of Love. Zed also appears in several newspapers, including The Crawford Post and The Sandusky Bay Journal, and online at

Zed comics are the kind of comics that are hard to outgrow, and they can be picked up and read by comic fans of all ages. Duane M. Abelís black-and-white comic strips have storylines and characters that are simple to understand and easy to laugh with. I recommend his work.

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