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*Animal Outfits* by Loufane
Also by Loufane:

Favorite Food
Animal Outfits
by Loufane
Ages 2-3 12 pages Clavis April 2015 Hardcover    

Loufane (the pseudonym of Stephanie Frippiat) equates the fur covering an animal with clothing. The giraffe is wearing a “long suit covered with big patches”. The cat is wearing a “soft warm coat with orange stripes”.

Each of the five animals in the book is partially hidden. The leopard sitting on the branch is hidden by leaves, and the raccoon in the woods is hiding in the dark forest behind a bush. The zebra’s striped “suit” camouflages him while he’s in the desert. A full view of the animal is revealed when a flap is open.

Just like Loufane’s book Favorite Food (2015), the book ends with a question for the reader. This story ends with a child curled up on their bed dressed up like an animal. “Which clothes do you like best?”

The glossy illustrations show the animals in their natural environment, with the sky changing from morning to nighttime colors. The living room in the house has a hot pink rotary phone on the table and patterned gold wallpaper on the walls. Books are shown on the first and last double-page spread.

This would be a suitable book to share with toddlers, either one-on-one or as a group.

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