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*Stanley Goes for a Drive* by Craig Frazier

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Stanley Goes for a Drive
by Craig Frazier
ages 2-5 40 pages Chronicle Books August 2004 Hardcover    

Craig Frazier has tapped into the hearts of the young child and their natural love of vehicles, animals and magic. In his book Stanley goes for a Drive we are introduced to Stanley, a farmer, and his old red pickup truck. On a hot day, Stanley decides to go for a drive. The marvelous hand-drawn and digitally colored illustrations pull the child’s focus to wheels churning up dust and the ‘50s-style grill of the bright red truck as it passes farm animals silhouetted in the background. Stanley himself is portrayed in silhouette until he slams on the brakes as he is passing a herd of cows. While Stanley performs his “strange” feat on the sky, he is pictured in muted colors, again drawing the reader’s focus to Stanley and his actions. As Stanley gets back in the truck, he is again pictured in silhouette, and the colors and focus are drawn to the sky and landscape.

This is a book of few words with vocabulary that speaks to, not down to, a young child. The pictures tell the story, and after a few readings, I would suspect many children would have the text memorized, providing a great pre-reading experience.

Early childhood teachers will find this fits perfectly into a unit on transportation or weather. This would be a perfect fit alongside the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw.

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