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Stanley Goes for a Drive


Stanley Mows the Lawn
by Craig Frazier
ages 4-8 40 pages Chronicle April 2005 Hardcover    

When Stanley saw how tall his grass was, he decided to get out the lawn mower. Faced with this mundane task, he begins mowing in the same old back and forth pattern he has always used before. Up and back, up and back. Suddenly a rustling noise startles Stanley. Itís Hank the Snake who doesnít want to tangle with the lawn mower. Hank slithers over the short grass and slips into another patch of tall grass seeking cover.

Hank gives Stanley an idea. Why not mow the lawn differently? Pleased with himself Stanley now mows zigs and zags much like the movements Hank makes.

In his second Stanley book (the first being Stanley Goes for a Drive), author/illustrator Frazier uses strong composition, bold color, scale and surprise. His simple way of illustrating will charm young readers. Stanley, with his extra long legs and small upper torso, manages to turn the boring into the beautiful and interesting when he mows like Hank slithers.

Stanley appeals to children on two levels. He is very curious, but also very basic. Frazier promises weíll see more of this oddly shaped character in the future.

This is a good solid picture book with unique artwork and a message that applauds creativity. Itís just doesnít deserve five stars. I reserve that rating for the award winners on bookshelves now like Giant Children, Duck for President and Diary of a Worm.

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