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*Copycat Charlie (Touch and Feel)* by Marcus Pfister
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Copycat Charlie (Touch and Feel)
by Marcus Pfister
Baby-PreK 12 pages North-South December 2008 Board book    

Some board books have a charming story, some have cute illustrations, and some earn their appeal by offering readers some type of interaction beyond the basic reading of the text. Copycat Charlie is the triple threat of board books, bringing together each of these elements to distinguish itself from the number of other titles unable to match these results.

Charlie, a little duck, loves going to zoo and mimicking each of the animals he encounters. He likes to open his mouth like a hippopotamus, to stretch his tongue like a chameleon, to balance a ball on the tip of his nose like a seal, to swing from the trees like an orangutan, and to rest on a tree branch like a lizard. The illustrations on the right side of the book show the actual animals in their fairly standard pose, while the left side presents an illustration of Charlie doing his best to emulate each behavior.

The charming appeal of Copycat Charlie is enhanced by the touch-and-feel element initiated on the cover of the book and prevalent throughout. Readers can feel Charlie’s fur as well as the rough hide of the hippocampus, the lustrous skin of the chameleon, the silky body of the seal, the hairy body of the orangutan, and the fluffy spots of the leopard.

Copycat Charlie makes a great addition to any child’s book collection. It succeeds at bringing together a sweet story, vibrant illustrations, and an added touch-and-feel element that bolsters its fundamental appeal.
Children's board book reviews for babies and toddlers

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