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Daddy Kisses
by Anne Gutman & Georg Hallensleben
ages 0-4 14 pages Chronicle Books May 2003 Board book    

Daddy Kisses, by the same team who authored both Daddy Cuddles and Mommy Hugs, is a beautifully done board book for toddlers. The premise is simple: daddy animals kiss their babies in different places (for example, a daddy frog kisses his froglet on the eye.) After displaying several different daddy animals kissing their babies, the book ends with a human daddy kissing his baby all over.

The paintings in this book are vivid and slightly impressionistic. While they are bright and simple enough for a young child to enjoy, they are also artistic enough for a parent to appreciate. And although there’s no real story to Daddy Kisses, the concept is so warm and natural that parents and children can read this book over and over and still have fun.

My son, who is one and a half, has quickly adopted Daddy Kisses as one of his favorites, and pulls it down off the shelf almost every time we read stories. My husband and I both appreciate the homage to daddies, seeing as how there are far more toddler books out there that spotlight mothers. We’re looking forward to the time when our son will be old enough to recognize the different animals; then we can act out the different ways that they kiss. Daddy Kisses is a book that can grow with your child, and I expect it will be a favorite for a long time to come!

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