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*I'm the Best* by Lucy Cousins
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I'm the Best
by Lucy Cousins
Ages 1-4 32 pages Candlewick May 2010 Hardcover    

This Lucy Cousins picture book is not only a delight to read; it also has an important message about not boasting or acting conceited.

Dog opens the story by telling his friends that he is the best at everything they do. By the time he is done listing all the things he can do better than Ladybug, Mole, Goose and Donkey, Dog has made his companions feel very sad and dejected.

The tables are quickly turned on Dog when first Mole and then the rest of the crew realize that there are things they can do that surpass Dog's abilities. For example, Ladybug can fly higher, and Goose can swim much faster.

Now it is Dog's turn to feel bad. "Oh, dear. I'm not the best at anything," he sobs. "Don't worry, Dog. You are the best at being our best friend," respond his buddies. "And we love you."

You might think that that's the end of the story, but it isn't. On the final page you discover that perhaps Dog didn't learn his lesson after all!

The illustrations are great, and the story is one preschoolers will be able to follow quite easily. As usual, Lucy Cousins has created another wonderful picture book. Hopefully, the adults who read I'm the Best to children will also take the opportunity to discuss it with them. How would you feel if someone told you he was better at everything than you were? Obviously that's a great way of losing friends!

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