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*Insectlopedia* by Douglas Florian - buy it online

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by Douglas Florian
Ages 4-8 48 pages Voyager Books April 2002 Paperback Recommended at 4 stars of 5   

Another in the series by this talented author/artist, Insectlopedia is a great adventure for adult and child alike. Children are encouraged to learn about the natural world in a series of poems and illustrations that are engaging, humorous and informative.
"Mosquitoes are thin.
Mosquitoes are rude.
They feast on your skin
For take-out food."
Florian writes charming verse that informs, but even better, when read aloud, the tongue-twisting alliteration stimulates curiosity and laughter. Insectlopedia is fun for beginning readers, certainly a bonus in engaging their interest in words and images. The nonsense menu includes: the dragonfly, the daddy longlegs, the inchworm, the walkingstick, the giant waterbug, the termite, the locusts and the ticks.
As for "The Praying Mantis":
"A caterpillar,
Or bee-
I swallow them

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