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Mastering Anger & Aggression the Brazelton Way
by T. Berry Brazelton & Joshua D. Sparrow, MD
171 pages Da Capo Lifelong Books April 2005 Paperback rated 4 out of 5 stars   

T. Berry Brazelton is a famed advocate for children and the author of many acclaimed books on parenting issues. Mastering Anger and Aggression the Brazelton Way is the latest in this long line of literal field guides for parents, this time dealing with anger and violence, subjects parents often donít wish to even think about.

Drs. Brazelton and Sparrow explore the many ways children are exposed to aggression and violence, such as bullying and fighting, as well as ways children themselves often struggle to express the darker emotions of anger and even the rage of tantrums. With firm, but gentle wisdom, the authors provide parents with solid information and usable tools for helping children deal with their own propensity for aggression, as well as the aggression of others.

The book includes touchpoints that range from infancy to early childhood, with specific suggestions for each age group. The effective techniques, easy enough for any parent to implement, help kids get a grip on their emotions and channel them into healthier and more productive means of dealing with themselves and others. The touchpoints also enable parents to anticipate problems that their growing child may soon be exposed to, thus giving parents a head start on understanding and dealing with those problems.

There is helpful information for parents concerned about video game and TV violence, parents who know their child is being bullied (or is doing the bullying), parents with shy and withdrawn children, parents dealing with nightmares and imagined terrors, and plenty more. All is given with the usual wisdom and compassion of a man who truly cares about kids, as Brazelton does, and all the information is backed up by reasons why it works so that parents can get a deeper understanding of the psychological basis for their childís emotional responses and reactions.

Whether your child is getting into fights at preschool, being bullied by older kids at the playground, or just having one too many grocery store tantrums, this pocket size guide will help you and your child find new ways to express a host of feelings that are often quite difficult to handle. With books like Mastering Anger and Aggression and the variety of other wonderful guides to parenting courtesy of T. Berry Brazelton, such as Touchpoints and To Listen to a Child, being a parent just keeps getting easier. And parents can use all the help they can get!
Parenting book reviews and books for educators, teachers, and librarians

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