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Toilet Training: The Brazelton Way by T. Berry Brazelton, MD & Joshua D. Sparrow, MD
96 pages Da Capo Press January 2004 Paperback rated 5 out of 5 stars   

For any parent struggling to potty train a child, Toilet Training the Brazelton Way is a lifesaver. This guide to all things potty is filled with workable ideas and techniques to help parents overcome all kinds of difficult training situations, from backsliding to constipation to reacting with fear to bedwetting.

T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., is an expert on raising children, and this handy guide offers up his own uniquely wise, sympathetic and helpful approach to toilet training, complete with touchpoints parents should be aware of and trouble spots they may encounter. Written with child psychiatrist Joshua D. Sparrow, the book approaches toilet training from a position of helping the child feel good about his/her accomplishment without sabotaging breakthroughs. For example, I learned that a parent should never make a huge deal about a child using the potty because that praise may in fact intimidate the child and make it harder for them to keep on track. I also learned that setbacks are normal, and part of the course of forward development. In fact, this book reminds us that mistakes are often a visible sign that the entire process is working, and that we should be concerned if a child never makes a mistake! In addition, I was amazed to learn that children will often retain bowel movements out of fear or making these mistakes, thus causing themselves bodily harm.

The book covers problems such as bedwetting, accidents, fear reactions to toilet usage, constipation and other bowel problems, training siblings, and the pressures of having a child fully trained before preschool. In fact, I cannot think of anything this book does not cover, making it a comprehensive guide parents will treasure.

This book is priceless for any parent, caregiver or teacher of small children eager to really understand this important developmental milestone through the eyes of the most important person involved the child.
Parenting book reviews and books for educators, teachers, and librarians

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