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*Mouse Scouts* by Sarah Dillard
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Mouse Scouts Make a Difference
Mouse Scouts
by Sarah Dillard
Ages 6-10 144 pages Yearling January 2016 Paperback    

The second book in the Mouse Scouts series has the six female mice working as a team to earn their "Make a Difference" merit badges. When Hyacinth’s idea for makeovers (curling mouse tails with a paperclip) and Petunia’s idea for telling jokes fail to excite the others, the mice begin to lose hope that small animals such as themselves can make any kind of difference to their community.

But when Violet, who has a gift for weaving baskets, and Tigerlily, who loves to collect trash, realize they can combine their two interests into something useful, the troop decides to clean up the garbage in the park with a basket made out of recycled trash. This allows them to haul the garbage into the tall trash can and, later, to rescue Mr. Red, their feline nemesis, from a tree.

Although the rescue makes them late for their Acorn Scouts meeting, they are not sent back to the Buttercups troop like their new leader, Miss Poppy, threatened they would be if they were ever late, because she realizes they followed the Mouse Scout motto of being cheerful, thoughtful, and aware when they helped Mr. Red. Their good deed is published in the Mouse Scout Monthly paper.

Excerpts from the Mouse Scout handbook remind children how they can be kinder to the environment, each other, and themselves. The writing is humorous at times, especially when the characters’ personalities come out. The black-and-white illustrations will appeal to readers who appreciate full-page illustrations of scenery and characters. The pink cover incorporates the outdoors and friendship, both of which are paramount to the Acorn Scouts.

This would be a fun book to read for a Mother-Daughter Book Club because of the memories it will bring up, and the interests it may spark.

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