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The Newspaper Caper
by Max Elliot Anderson
ages 9-12 136 pages Baker Trittin Concepts September 2003 Paperback    

Twelve-year-old Tom Stevens is not your everyday pre-teen. As Max Elliot Anderson describes his protagonist, Tom is a preternaturally talented salesman. “When he was only four, Tom was the first boy on his street to set up a lemonade stand … in January!” Tom runs a thriving newspaper delivery business with the help of his often reluctant friends, Jimmy Wilson and Matt Woodridge. Jimmy and Matt’s reluctance stems from the need to be up at four in the morning to put the papers together and roll them up prior to delivery.

One morning, Tom spies a tow truck that is about to hook up an expensive looking car. When the men in the tow truck see the boys on their bicycles, they quickly flee the scene, ignoring the car. In addition to being an astute salesman, Tom has a keen sense of observation and an eye for the unusual. When he reads about the spate of car robberies in his town, Tom puts two and two together and enlists his friends to solve the mystery.

Max Elliot Anderson grew up a reluctant reader, even though he came from a family where reading was the norm. As an adult, Anderson realized that his apathy to the written word was because most books were poorly written with a dearth of action. He set out to write books that crackled with action and were page turners. The current book is a fine testament to Anderson’s quest. While the mystery is not complicated, there are ample chases and twists and turns to keep the reader engrossed. The characters are plausible both in their motivations and in their actions. Anderson keeps the descriptions sparse and focuses on the action. Readers who are making the transition to longer chapter books will find this book an enjoyable experience.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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