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Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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Legend of the White Wolf
by Max Elliot Anderson
ages 8-12 160 pages Baker Trittin Concepts April 2005 Paperback    

“Brian Fischer had a life that most boys can only dream about….” Thus starts this heart-warming adventure story of faith and friendship sure to delight young readers and adults alike.

Eleven-year-old Brian lives in a small town nestled in the northern gateway to Yellowstone National Park. Surrounded by the peaceful beauty and mystery of nature, he delights in hiking with his best friend Tommy and listen to alluring stories told by Windwalker, a wise and kind old Indian who lives in a remote cabin in the forest.

Though he lives a normal, happy life, Brian has been profoundly “marked” by something he experienced when he was a small boy: while exploring the woods, he once saved a white wolf pup from a metal trap. The mother wolf had witnessed the affair without harming Brian.

Since that day Brian believes the white wolf and he are “brothers,” and he dreams of a second encounter. There’s only one problem. No one believes him, not even his father. To make Brian’s story more impossible, Windwalker assures him that the white wolf has supernatural powers.

But something evil has come to disrupt the serenity of the forest—a band of hunters whose sole interest is to destroy wolves. Will Brian be able to stop them before they harm his beloved white wolf? But how do this when not even his family believe him in the first place? Endangering his own life, Brian sets on a quest to prove the existence of “his” wolf.

Can you believe in what you can’t see? The novel plays with concepts of belief and faith without appearing obvious or “preachy” while combining elements of suspense that will make the reader’s heart race. The language is simple and graceful, giving a sense of innocence and beauty to parallel the setting and age of the characters. Contrasting with this “goodness” are the wolf hunters, bringing the reader face to face with cruelty and callousness at its worst.

The author also offers insights into the nature of this mysterious, magnificent animal which has suffered such a bad reputation in the past. Young readers of adventure stories will relish this. Adults who love and admire wolves will be charmed.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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