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*Jump!: The Nick Guide to Jumping Rope (Let's Just Play)* by Nickelodeon - young readers book review

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Jump!: The Nick Guide to Jumping Rope (Let's Just Play)
by Nickelodeon
Grades 3-4 48 pages Chronicle April 2006 Spiral bound w/ jumprope    

A lot of adults have memories of jumping rope. Perhaps it's the moment you mastered turning Double-Dutch; or you heard a new rhyme from friends, which really did help to keep the beat while skipping; or you had to tie the end of your skipping rope to a tree when you were short an ender ("ender" and other skipping terms are defined in the back of this skipping guide).

Before learning the jump rope tricks and rhymes in this guide, jump rope safety and warm-up exercises are discussed. The three kinds of jump rope are described, both what they are made of and when it’s best to use them. For example, woven cloth ropes are great for Double-Dutch as well as for tricks that require a longer rope. Young cartoon- looking children are drawn throughout the guide, depicting the various steps in the skipping tricks and rhymes. There are over twenty tricks and rhymes to learn, and they are rated from “piece of cake” to “super tricky (but not impossible)”. Some of the basics like the Jimmy Two-Step are the foundation for more complex jumping tricks; Back it Up and Otto’s Double-Under all start with knowing the Jimmy Two-Step.

SpongeBob SquarePants and other recognizable Nickelodeon characters grace every page of the guide, introducing a skipping tip or joke, sometimes some history. They even inspire a rhyme or two. The guide is spiral bound with orange-red text. Shades of orange and red and white are used throughout the illustrations and graphics.

The guide comes with a woven cloth skipping rope. Children can use the skipping rope on their own or give the skipping rope to a friend and do some of the skipping tricks that require another person, like Wild Wheel. For two people or more, this trick involves holding your own rope, plus the rope of your friend.

For children who want to try something besides skipping with their rope, there are games where the skipping rope is used in different ways. Slithery Snake and Rock the Cradle are two examples of how to use the skipping rope in unique ways.

Skipping is a great way to introduce children to teamwork and cooperation. Besides being a fun way to exercise, children will learn about rhythm and timing. No wonder jumping rope has been around for thousands of years.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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