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Let's Go Yo-Yo!: The Nick Guide to Yo-Yo Tricks
by Nickelodeon
ages 8-15 48 pages Chronicle Books June 2005 Book & Kit    

Here’s a combination toy and book that is a visually appealing product to children interested in mastering the art of the yo-yo. Also included is a set of Nickelodeon character stickers (including Sponge Bob) for those wishing to personalize the bright neon colored yo-yo that comes with the book.

The spiral-bound instruction book covers 22 yo-yo tricks ranging from simple usage to complex tricks like “Yo-Yo Maze,” which requires setting up an obstacle course. Also included are interesting factoids, hints, quizzes and challenges for those who want to learn more about the history and art of yo-yoing. Particularly interesting is the short article “The History of the Yo-Yo,” followed by some “Yo-Yo Lore.”

Considering that this is a toy that appeals to a wide audience (although I’m guessing mostly adolescents), the instructions, while readable, lack visual appeal. The diagrams in the book consist of stick people, often with no more than little circles for hands. The book has no realistic diagrams showing how you should hold the yo-yo or position your body to do these tricks. The user must be able to read the accompanying instructions and not rely on the diagrams alone.

The yo-yo that accompanies the book, while nice to behold, has a string that tangles far too easily when put to the test by an accomplished yo-yo player. Not only does it tangle easily; it resists being untangled.

To sum it up, the Let’s Go Yo-Yo book will provide some interesting reading material to the parents of what will likely be some very frustrated yo-yo players. A quality yo-yo backed by some realistic diagrammatic instructions is what is lacking and much needed in this kit.

Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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