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*Pure Dead Frozen* by Debi Gliori- young readers fantasy book review

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Pure Dead Frozen
by Debi Gliori
Ages 9-12 320 pages Knopf August 2007 Hardcover    

What was once a stone in a dragonís engagement ring is now hidden among millions of rocks on an island. Evil hands are looking for this powerful stone called the Chronostone, but a little girl and her dragon find it first. Two-year-old Damp Strega-Borgia is upset about the new baby coming, and Ffup the dragon is having issues of her own involving a deceitful sea serpent. They decide to leave their problems behind by entering a book. However, when they come back to StregaSchloss, they have bigger problems. The pink neon stone they brought back with them is the Chronostone, and itís a magnet for trouble and an enticement for evil. Soon evil is lurking in the house called StregaSchloss. Orynx the salamander is the first to sense it, and soon all the members of the Strega-Borgia family will experience it. They will survive thanks to feisty ancestors, magical children, and quick-thinking nannies.

Sítan wants the Chronostone. He may be a success on his TV cooking show, Totally Toast, but his powers in Hades are failing. Hell is quickly starting to freeze over, and the trolls are working overtime to keep the boilers going, but itís not enough. Sítan needs the stone back to restore his powers - and the heat. His demon worker, Isagoth, has had troubles getting the stone in the past. But now Isagoth has a new mission, and maybe a way to get back at the Strega-Borgias. After all, it was their nanny who was responsible for thwarting his stone retrieving plans in the past. Isagoth is going to go to Scotland, and heís going to destroy Luciano Strega-Borgia and his family with a baby-swapping plan. This will accomplish his mission and hopefully get him back into Sítanís good books.

Evil does lurk on the outside of the Strega-Borgia family in the form of power-hungry Sítan and Isagoth, but it lurks inside as well. Uncle Don Lucifer hates his half-brother, Luciano Strega-Borgia, and will do anything to see to his demise. When Don Lucifer comes to visit, the outcome is deadly, but the relief comes later.

Pure Dead Frozen is the sixth book in the Pure Dead series revolving around the StregaSchloss house and its many inhabitants. The StregaSchloss house is a wonderful mix of the dangerous and dark, the strange and the surprising. In the game room, there are living toy soldiers who soldiers camp on the billiard table where playing cards have turned into tents, and Scrabble tiles into shields. Old paintings line the wall of the ancestors room. The paintings can be admired, or they can be entered. Dragons live in the dungeon, a sea serpent lives in the waters, and a lipstick-wearing tarantula lives in a kitchen teapot. Residing in the house is the Strega-Borgia family. Two-year-old Damp likes to play in the huge attic. Here she can safely enter the world of books, but her nosy older sister and frequently hungry dragon traveling companion always cut the trips short. Pandora and her thirteen-year-old brother, Titus, have a serious game of Monopoly going, and it involves fortunes. In this new book, Baci is about to give birth for the fourth time, and Luciano is keeping busy with his ďtrainingĒ in the Chinese room. Among the staff, relationships are forming and friendships are strengthening.

Children will enjoy reading about the foolishness that abounds in Hades and the bad luck that seems to follow its inhabitants. And what child can resist reading about life at a place like StregaSchloss, where magical and mysterious occurrences are the norm? Children who like their fantasy mixed with humor will enjoy the Pure Dead series.

Debi Gliori lives in Scotland with her five children. Besides writing the Pure Dead series, she has also written and illustrated several childrenís books, including Floraís Blanket and When Iím Big.

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