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*The Red Apple* by Feridun Oral
Also written and/or illustrated by Feridun Oral:

The Message of the Birds
The Red Apple
by Feridun Oral
Ages 3-5 36 pages minedition September 2015 Hardcover    

Each of the forest animals in Oralís latest picture book tries their hardest to help a hungry rabbit get an apple out of a tree.

Itís the only piece of food around thatís not covered by the deep snow. But no matter how much they stretch they cannot reach it with their front or back paws. (Fox stretches upward with his hind legs so he could try knocking the apple loose with his tail.) But when the bear, fox, rabbit, and mouse balance on top of each other, they are able to free the apple--just not in the way youíd expect.

There is a little foreshadowing when fox is introduced into the story: ďFox felt a bit under the weather.Ē The illustrations in the story are gorgeous. They are realistic in style, but with postures and behaviors not seen in animals. Simple gestures like pointing and reaching emphasize the feelings of the animals. When rabbit ventures out in the snow hunched over with his arms crossed, his emotions become obvious: he needs more than the apple.

Each of the animals help, expecting nothing in return, but the illustration of the animals sharing the apple and then a new home, exemplifies why itís important to help when you can, and in any way you can.

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