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*Collectopia: A Friendship Scraptacular* by Catherine Rondeau and Peggy Brown, illustrated by Lisa Perrett- young readers fantasy book review
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Collectopia: Wacktivity
Collectopia: A Friendship Scraptacular
by Catherine Rondeau and Peggy Brown, illustrated by Lisa Perrett
Ages 9-12 128 pages Random House August 2007 Paperback    

Make any young girl happy with the gift of A Friendship Scraptacular Box. She’ll receive four fluffy C’lectomaniacs, a 128-page activity book, and three sheets of cute stickers. This shiny pink box is strong enough to hold all this plus the reader’s own collection of Collectopiastrological messages. To discover these messages, all readers need is a C’lectomaniac, a pencil, and a twenty-four-hour day!

C’lectomaniacs like CeeCee Sunbottom and Candy Sarah Tonen love to make friends and start collections. The ideas in their activity book inspire readers to start meaningful collections with their own friends. With space provided in the activity book and in the Scraptacular box for collectible storage, all the memories, photographs, and writings can be contained in one special area. A Friendship Scraptacular will have friends reflecting, discovering and creating.

Girls will learn more about their friends in activities such as Remember, Most Embarrassing Moments and Pet Peeves. For those friends who have known each other for awhile, there are activities such as Inside Jokes and Favorite Evidence that encourage friends to reflect and reminisce together. The Friendship Scraptacular book also includes drawing and writing activities. There are blank pages provided to draw The Guys We Know and to write down dreams. Two fun activities using photographs are Funny Bodies and Baby Face. For girls who love to have fun with pictures, these activities are great for a laugh, but also nice for a keepsake.

One of my favorite sections of activities in the book are the "OOBAs". OOBAs are “out of book activities” that encourage creativity and kindness. Passbook is a scrapbook/journal creation that is passed between friends. Each friend decorates a page with writing and drawings before giving it to the next friend. There is also a homemade card activity girls can make for their friends. Those designing the cards and those receiving the cards will be reminded how lucky they are to have friendship in their lives.

The cute C’lectomaniacs can be seen throughout the activity book. On each C’lectomaniac page, there are new C’lectomaniac facts to read and an interactive activity that involves photographs of heads. This is the closest girls can get to seeing themselves or their friends as C’lectomaniacs!

Catherine Rondeau, Peggy Brown, and Lisa Perrett have created a fun kit that blends friendship and creativity. With A Friendship Scraptacular, friendships will grow over laughter and good times.

Catherine Rondeau was born in Paris and has worked as a writer, inventor and corporate creative consultant. Peggy Brown has created products, written books and taught many creative, playful classes, as well as launching the design and development company Alley Oop. Lisa Perrett’s appealing illustrations can be seen in Collectopia: A Friendship Scraptacular and Collectopia: Wacktivity.

I recommend A Friendship Scraptacular. Girls will embrace and develop their friendships, all the while having fun with these activities.

Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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