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*Collectopia: Wacktivity* by Catherine Rondeau and Peggy Brown, illustrated by Lisa Perrett- young readers fantasy book review
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Collectopia: A Friendship Scraptacular
Collectopia: Wacktivity
by Catherine Rondeau and Peggy Brown, illustrated by Lisa Perrett
Ages 9-12 128 pages Random House July 2007 Paperback    

This is one of the best gifts I can imagine giving a young girl between the ages of six and twelve. But I have to say that, as an adult, I loved Wacktivity, too. Collectopia: Wacktivity is incredibly eye-catching and spilling over with entertainment. This kit is great to pull out for sleepovers, but also wonderful for a girl on her own, sure to keep girls amused for hours.

Collectopia: Wacktivity comes with a purple spiral-bound book that reads like a flip chart. The book contains 128 pages of fun activities that girls can do on their own or with their friends. Inside the book are games that reveal your special number, predict your future, and answer your most secretive questions. Activities in the book include scavenger hunts, code-cracking puzzles and a handwriting exercise. Many of the Wacktivities encourage creativity and expression through drawing, designing, collecting and writing. When completed, dreams and values become visual and works of art.

The stars of Wacktivity are definitely the C’lectomaniacs, cute homemade pom-pom critters who love collecting things. Each C’lectomaniac has a decoration on top of its head that reflect its name, hobbies and collections. Daisy Bookay has flowers on her head, and she collects wreaths and watering cans. Frankie Stine is green and wears a black bat on his head; his collection is full of bats and Halloween masks. Readers will meet each C’lectomaniac through the pages of the Wacktivity book.

Everything in Collectopia: Wacktivity is held in a sturdy purple box which opens to reveal two flaps. One side contains an envelope holding three sheets of stickers, and the other side contains a place to hold the Wacktivity book. The middle section of the box is the greatest, though. It’s called a "Collectopia Cache." It's divided into sixteen squares; inside each square are simple directions. For example one square says “Best Button”. Readers are to find a pretty button to keep in this square. The “Silly Me” box is where girls will keep silly pictures of themselves. This is a unique way to scavenger hunt and start an individualized collection at the same time. Four collectible C’lectomaniacs come with each Wacktivity box. They sit in the Collectopia Cache as reminders to collect, but they can be taken out and shown off as well.

Each page of the Wacktivity book is a mixture of color, fonts and charming illustrations. At the back of the book is an answer page where readers can find the solutions to all the puzzles in the book, including Little Riddles, Clean Your Room, and Destination Unknown.

Catherine Rondeau, a graduate of Wesleyan University, is the creator of several toys and games including Girl Talk, Encore and Lovies. She lives in Connecticut. Peggy Brown’s products can be found all over the world. She has worked as an inventor and writer for many toy companies and helped create Girl Talk, Outburst and Pretty Pretty Princess. Lisa Perrett has illustrated many books for children, including Princess Crafts and Crafty Bags for Stylish Girls: Uniquely Chic Purses, Pouches & Pocketbooks.

Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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