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*Traveling Trunk Adventure 1: Pirate Treasure* by Benjamin Flinders- young readers fantasy book review
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Traveling Trunk Adventure 1: Pirate Treasure
by Benjamin Flinders
Ages 9-12 121 pages Flinders Press September 2010 Paperback    

Eight-year-old Dallin and his eleven-year-old brother, Ethan, are always glad to see their father when he comes home from one of his business trips. Itís especially nice when he brings back a gift for the boys. While it doesnít exactly fit in with their Jungle Room dťcor, Ethan and Dallin are thrilled to get the old pirate chest their father brings home one day and suggests they use as a toy box.

This isnít a brand new box, you understand. Itís a real pirateís chest that their father got from an old, old woman who claims it belonged to her son-in-law, the pirate known as Black Bart. Ethan and Dallin know that story canít be true, because Black Bart has been dead for hundreds of years.

There is certainly something odd about that chest, though. Even though the boys watch their father put all the toys into it, when Dallin opens it later, the toys are gone! All thatís inside the chest is a bunch of clothes like the kind that long-ago sailors or pirates would have worn.

The boys just have to try on the clothes, but when they duck into the chest to hide from their little sister, something amazing happens: they are magically transported to the pirate ship belonging to Black Bart!

This first tale in the Traveling Trunk Adventure 1: Pirate Treasure series kicks off with a bang, introducing readers to a couple of spunky young heroes who have both good sense and enough courage to help people in trouble Ė even when those people are fierce and frightful pirates on the high seas.

Imagination is the key to magic, and Ethan and Dallin have plenty of that. Young readers will be thrilled to go along for the ride, too, and may even learn to appreciate their own imaginations as they go.

The story of Pirate Treasure is full of excitement but well-paced, making it an ideal bedtime read. The illustrations and cover are high-quality all the way, just like the tale itself. Thereís even a bonus at the end: Dallin and Ethanís Pirate Dictionary, containing words like spyglass, matey and crowís nest.

Looking for a special gift for a young person? Pirate Treasure is just the thing. Itís got a classy look, an intriguing story, and inspiration enough to keep you coming back for every book in the series.
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