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*Traveling Trunk Adventure 2: The Lost City of Atlantis* by Benjamin Flinders- young readers fantasy book review
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Traveling Trunk Adventure 1: Pirate Treasure
Traveling Trunk Adventure 2: The Lost City of Atlantis
by Benjamin Flinders
Ages 9-12 133 pages Flinders Press September 2010 Paperback    

Brothers Ethan and Dallin have an unusual toy box. Most of the time it keeps their toys neatly contained, but every so often, it becomes a time travel machine.

In their first journey through the magical toy box, Ethan and Dallin found adventure on a pirate ship. This time they are zipped through space and time to the lost city of Atlantis, an island nation that disappeared thousands of years ago.

Most people don’t even believe that Atlantis was real, but it sure seems real to the brothers when their traveling trunk deposits them in the center of the marketplace. Just minutes after they arrive, Ethan and Dallin learn that a young girl has been kidnapped by the all-powerful Magistrate.

They want to help her, of course, but there’s a bigger problem – the earthquake that destroyed Atlantis is due any minute, and only Ethan, Dallin, and a handful of Atlanteans really believe the island is about to be destroyed.

They may be young, but Ethan and Dallin are born heroes. Determined to rescue the damsel in distress, they must first elude an evil brute who traps children and sells them into slavery, a slithery servant of the god Hades, and the end of the world (well, the end of Atlantis). With all that excitement and danger, the brothers may not make it back to the time traveling trunk before it is destroyed!

The Lost City of Atlantis is a creative and compelling approach to the legend, bound up in a beautifully produced volume. Intended for readers from age 9 and up, the story moves along at a steady clip, full of memorable characters and adventures that range from the absurd to the terrifying. This one is pure entertainment of the sort that shows kids how much fun stories can be and turns them into avid readers.
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