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*Case File 13 #2: Evil Twins* by J. Scott Savage, illustrated by Doug Holgate - middle grades book review
Also by J. Scott Savage:

Case File 13 #2: Making the Team

Also illustrated by Doug Holgate:

Case File 13 #2: Making the Team

The Last Kids on Earth
Case File 13 #2: Evil Twins
by J. Scott Savage, illustrated by Doug Holgate
Grades 3-7 288 pages Harpercollins June 2015 Paperback    

Nick, Carter and Angelo are busy loading the car for the Saturday campout with Nickís family. All of the boys enjoy playing at Nickís house because Nick has the coolest parents. Today, Nickís dad has made a reservation for the family to stay at a campground where they can swim, cook outside, and see the monarch butterflies that are just arriving for the season.

Nickís dad seems always to forget something when he plans a trip, and Nickís mom is always checking to make sure he has everything. Once he remembered the tent but forgot the stakes, and they rolled down the hill when a wind blew in during the night. Another time, he brought freeze-dried food but nothing to cook it in. Today, he brought a new cookstove but had to take a deteour to buy fuel for it.

So, when they arrive at the campground, no one is surprised to learn that his dadís reservation is for next month, not this weekend. As the family travels back toward home, they discover an open campground and set up camping there. On such a busy travel weekend, it is hard to imagine that there would be a campground this secluded. The boys begin to explore their surroundings before settling in for the night.

Carter is a junk magnet and is always looking for his next snack. As a precaution for running out of food, Nickís mom locks the food in the car before they go to sleep. The real adventures start with the sound of someone--or something--trying to break into the car. The rising of the sun reveals that all of the snack food is gone but the car is still locked. The boys are once again on the job, searching for answers to the newest mystery.

This series is a great one for upper elementary and middle school boys, although the girl characters are well done and will appeal to both boys and girls. Be sure to include these titles in your next budget and feel comfortable buying several sets. These will not stay on the shelf.
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