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*Case File 13 #2: Making the Team* by J. Scott Savage, illustrated by Doug Holgate - middle grades book review
Also by J. Scott Savage:

Case File 13 #3: Evil Twins

Also illustrated by Doug Holgate:

Case File 13 #3: Evil Twins

The Last Kids on Earth
Case File 13 #2: Making the Team
by J. Scott Savage, illustrated by Doug Holgate
Grades 3-7 288 pages Harpercollins June 2015 Paperback    

Nick, Angelo and Carter are best friends who enjoy learning about zombies, monsters and other strange creatures or beings. Case File #13 includes all the adventures of these three monster-chasing boys and their monster-curious friends. The librarian, Mr. Blackham, offers his assistance and knowledge to the boys whenever he feels it is needed. He seems to know a lot about monsters and zombies.

In the first episode, while trying to figure out some things about zombies, Nick temporarily turned into a zombie himself. In this second episode, the boys are just watching the state champion determining football game between their school and a private school that is known more for its intellect than for its sports and fitness. When the opposing teamís players appear on the field, they seem to have grown taller and heftier than before, and the home team is seriously outmatched.

As the boys head down to the field at the end of the game, there appears to be something the visiting coach has inadvertently dropped on the field. When the field lights suddenly go out, the boys collide with each other and with Angie, Dana, and Tiffany. They all come out swinging when they realize that others have entered the fray in the darkness. When all clears, the boys decide that they must explore the private school and see what has made the change in their athletes.

Cody, the neighborhood bully, follows the boys around now. He has made it his responsibility to keep up with them since he encountered the zombies in episode one. Unaware that Cody has followed them to the school, Nick and the guys, along with the girls, break into the school. Now they will discover the strange happenings at the school--or perhaps they will become a part of the strange happenings at the school.

This series will be welcomed by upper elementary and middle school readers, especially boys. Each new adventure will be anticipated eagerly. If you are looking for a new series to capture the middle school boys, this would be it.
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