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*The Last Kids on Earth* by Max Brallier, illustrated by Doug Holgate - middle grades book review
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The Last Kids on Earth
by Max Brallier, illustrated by Doug Holgate
Grades 3-6 240 pages Viking October 2015 Hardcover    

Fans of Diary of A Wimpy Kid and such middle-grade fare will love The Last Kids on Earth, a lively and engaging illustrated novel about a monster invasion and the young heroes who take on the beasts. With all the zombie books out there, this one adds into the mix a host of bizarre monsters that invade the hometown of average kid Jack Sullivan.

But Jack turns out not to be just any ordinary kid. He’s got skills and resourcefulness enough to take on the monster apocalypse and the mighty monster leader, Blarg. Along with his friends and some loyal monsters, he'll save the day, using all kinds of gadgets and gear and video game know-how. It all goes to show that we really do get by with a little help from our friends.

Filled with wild, wacky imagery and tons of humor, this fast-paced and fun story is a shoe-in for a feature film, or even an animated television series. Jack is Everykid at the beginning, but he’s called upon to stand up and become a hero when he has to fight for the world he once knew. The black-and-white illustrations by Douglas Holgate, a comic book artist and illustrator based in Australia, are the perfect vehicle for the action-packed story, which appears to be the first in a series according to accompanying press info.

The author, Max Brallier, is no stranger to middle-grade fiction, having written Galactic Hot Dogs, about a boy battling mutant giant worms and zombie space pirates with his sidekicks. That book led to a humongous seven-figure book deal, of which The Last Kids is a part.

Brallier is the author of numerous other books and even designs games (AND he writes for the popular kids cartoons Adventure Time and The Regular Show). He knocks it out of the park in The Last Kids on Earth with his rollicking style of storytelling that goes way beyond just middle-grade level appeal.

Kids craving a fun science fiction/adventure series with tons of laughs will devour this book, and want to read more. There’s all the stamp of approval a parent needs.
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