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*Spring Joy (Day to Day Board Books)* by Liesbet Slegers
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Spring Joy (Day to Day Board Books)
by Liesbet Slegers
Ages 1-2 12 pages Clavis June 2014 Board book    

This board book introduces toddlers to the signs of spring.
This is the sun.
The sun shines gently in the spring.
Look! I can play outside.
Above the text is a simple drawing of a round, yellow sun. The rays are straight black lines. Adjacent to this is a full-page spread of a boy balancing on one foot in the grass. The background is white, but the same sun can be seen above him.

The next page shows a green leaf. The text below it describes the new leaves that grow on trees. The tree has been pruned and, there are several leaves on the branches. This segues into the next page, where there is a blue bird. He can be seen singing from the branches.

The boy is shown again picking red flowers for his mom (the flower has a stalk and a leaf) and then playing with a baby bunny, which is described as soft and fluffy. There is a page about a chick hatching from an egg as well.

This book does introduce children to six words and activities associated with spring, and the illustrations are uncluttered and simple, but I would pair it with other spring books that include robins, melting snow, insects, rain, and gardening, because two of the illustrations in this book look like summer pictures, and the other illustrations might not garner much discussion or interest.
Children's board book reviews for babies and toddlers

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