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Romeow and Drooliet
by Nina Laden
ages 8 and up 44 pages Harcourt April 2005 Hardcover    

"With a wag of the tail to William Shakespeare." Author/artist Nina Laden has written a children's take on a familiar Shakespearean theme- true love won and lost, only for Romeow and Drooliet, the star-crossed cat and dog kept apart by a growling Rottweiler and other assorted obstacles, true love wins out in the end.

Writing her clever verse in iambic pentameter, Laden creates a humorous, romantic tale of the fated lovers parted by circumstances (and snarling dogs) beyond their control. Parents will appreciate the Shakespearean-inspired poetry, even if the children do not pick up on this approach. But rhyme and meter are what make this book so enchanting, combined with dramatic, vividly colored illustrations, a celebration of good literature that informs and endures, joyfully transformed for the younger generation.

The Cast of Characters is listed at the beginning of the book, hinting at the hilarity ahead: the Felini’s, a cat-loving family; the Barker’s, dog lovers; Turbo, the Barker’s guard dog (the infamous Rottweiler); and Officer Prince, the Animal Control Warden. Look for wry treats, such as the books on the Felini’s coffee table - “Much Ado About Napping” and “As You Lick It” - and the elegant phrasing of lines spoken by the principals: “Oh Romeow, where is that fur-faced Romeow?” The happy couple is married by Mousignor Mouse, who pronounces: “You may now lick the bride!”

This excellent hardbound book is published by Chronicle, a charming and witty tale that is a welcome addition to any child’s library of favorites, a subtle introduction to iambic pentameter, the spirited retelling of a beloved tale, made child-size by this talented author/artist.

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